Founded in 2012, VST Enterprises has been lauded for its development of VCode®, which, among other applications, has the potential to revolutionise financial transactions both online and offline.

The versatile VCode® and VPlatform™ technology allows genuine users to authenticate themselves across a variety of transactions and interactions. It is currently being used to protect against fraud in many sectors, from document verification, to unattended car park payment systems, end-to-end supply chain management and interactive charitable giving transactions.

"I know VSTE prides itself on its 'infinite possibilities' — and it is exactly that sort of optimism this country needs to power its economy. Manchester's exciting tech industry is already sparking new ideas and new businesses and VSTE will be able to spread the word in India."

Rt. hon Theresa may, ex Prime Minister

"VST Enterprises is a prime example of how UK firms are seizing the numerous opportunities available in overseas markets. It's great to see VST Enterprises follow the Prime Minister's Trade Mission to India with a new contract which will use the best of British innovation to deliver huge benefits for India and for the UK."

Rt. hon Liam Fox, ex International Trade Minister of the United Kingdom

"The city is home to many large global firms such as BNY Mellon, and RBS, as well as new, innovative organisations like VST Enterprises. Many firms such as Lloyds and Barclays also have their UK IT centres here. This convergence of Manchester's two largest industries, financial services and digital technology, has resulted in a growing cluster of FinTech businesses; from well-established companies supporting the financial services, to smaller firms developing novel solutions and disrupting current business models. We have seen particular growth in FinTech firms specialising in payments."

Tim Newns - CEO, MIDAS

"VCode® leads the way for next generation engagement with consumers. The accuracy of the codes, the sophistication of smartphone handsets, dynamic flexible content and the low cost of deployment make this technology ideal for visual media and outdoor promotion. The BBC is proud to support a UK company which is pushing the boundaries and can see the benefit of using VCodes for a wide range of campaigns."

Claire McCloughlin - Head of Interactive Technology, BBC

"VST Enterprises is one of the most innovative businesses that I have come across, and Louis is one of the most creative entrepreneurs that I have ever met. VApparel will revolutionise engagement with the customer pre- and post-purchase, across sectors and geographies, ensuring quality, safe, genuine fashion. Dewhirst is one of the largest and most forward-thinking private clothing companies in the world, so this partnership with VST Enterprises is set to be a perfect match."

Anthony Wood - CEO Dewhirst

"An Impressive Technology, Founder & Business to watch in the ever increasing world of cyber identification."

Christopher Lowe - T.M.T Specialist, Bloomberg

"VCode® technology is the next generation of security, placing technology's sword in the hands of the good guys. Fraudsters and counterfeiters alike have much to fear from this cutting edge development. The system allows you to create a myriad of encyclopedia-sized databases and grant different users different permission access all from one small code... VCode®"

Tim Harvey - Director, UK Operations, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

"The versatility and range of the VCode® makes for near seamless user experience. This unlocks a wide variety of industry use cases; from physical retail and logistical tracking to content and product verification, the possibilities are limitless."

Patrick Imbach - Director/Head of High Growth KPMG

"I am very pleased to be representing VST Enterprises as I truly believe that they are developing innovative technological advances in the item and customer authentication markets that will change our everyday lives, and I am very excited to be able to play a part in its success."

Joseph Cohane - ex. Executive Vice President - Elavon

"This really is the next generation of financial technology, so it will be really interesting to see the impact it has on our industry. I have no doubt that this will just be the beginning of even bigger things to come from the team.""

Stephanie Sharp - ex. Vice President - Elavon


‘VST Events’ are a series of exclusive, tech orientated networking events. Originally set up in 2015 to bring together Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital Firms, Charities, Tech Businesses, Banks and Professional Service Companies, in order coordinate their respective efforts for the good of the local community.

The aim of the events are to encourage our guests to work, not only to improve their own businesses, but to vastly improve the local economy, education and social environments for young people and the communities and cities in which they live.

On 25th November 2015, Directors and partners from these companies gathered together for the first time with a unified aim… ‘Changing the world, One city at a time’.

The events are provided to our exclusive network initiative aimed at decision makers. New guests will be subject to approval by the founding members within each city and should be at Director or decision maker level to ensure the integrity and professionalism required to make a difference in each city.

VST Events – Changing the world, one city at a time.

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